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For more than 30 years, the IMPACT Group of Colleges has provided students outstanding education across a wide spectrum of degrees to enhance their lives. The IMPACT Group now brings you our newest program – the MBA at the Impact Institute of Management Studies. The experiences and strengths of the IMPACT group together with a dedicated faculty and management team ensures that the IIMS MBA program will help you to make a broad impact in your future career.

The IIMS MBA program addresses the needs of students and the business community through its innovative programming and service. The curriculum allows students to understand the functional foundation of the business enterprise, and to appreciate the impact of the social, economic, cultural, and regulatory forces on the strategic positioning of the firm. . You will learn how to analyse complex problems from different perspectives and gain the ability to solve them creatively.

We offer an exceptional education and personal experience. We have students from different regions in the world and from a wide array of industries and educational backgrounds. You will have a unique experience of learning diverse cultures and also become a member of a diverse alumni network of over 15,000 members all over the world.

Throughout your 24 months at IIMS, our Placement team will work closely with you to help you to identify the most suitable career path. Recruiters value the quality and the intensity of the IIMS MBA programme, recognizing that IMPACT graduates are able to hit the ground running in all kinds of management and leadership roles.

We encourage you to spend some time at our campus or visit our website to get an insight about the IIMS MBA program. If you want further information, you will have an opportunity to meet our faculty and students at one of our events or during one of our in-house information sessions.
Thank you for considering the IIMS MBA program

Dr. Alice Abraham ME,MBA(IIMB),Ph.D.
President, IMPACT

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