Chairman Governing Council

Dear Prospective Student:

We are living in truly momentous times. Established old paradigms have started to disappear and new ones are coming into being. All over the world there is a breeze of change. Sometimes they turn into violent storms as the uprising towards democracy in the Middle East. Over the last twenty years, both the socialist and the capitalist systems of government have taken a beating. The truth seems to be somewhere in the middle – that’s why India with its mixed economy seems to be a more stable country and a place of great opportunity. I would like to say that perhaps there is no better time than now to take up an educational program like the MBA.

The broad based program that it is, Impact takes up its MBA as a multidisciplinary educational offering. Our faculty are enterprising and competent scholars besides being some of the best in the practise of management. Impact prepares you to become leaders in the corporate world, budding entrepreneurs and social activists in the NGO workspace. Hence, its MBA is generalist in nature rather than one directed at a particular industry.

I welcome you to Impact’s MBA program and pray that you work hard and scale the heights of the land.

Dr. Paul Mathulla, ME,Ph.D.
Chairman, Governing Council, IMPACT

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